SPAZIO DEMOCRATICO - Nearly 7 million kangaroos are culled every year

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Oggetto: Nearly 7 million kangaroos are culled every year
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The kangaroo could be the national symbol of Questionnaire; they are a famed creature indigenous for the island and are a massive tourist attraction. But that is definitely not the only purpose they serve, they are harvested for
their meat, pelt but mostly their set.

Nearly 7 million kangaroos are culled each and every year, with most of the leather destined for that football pitch. Its unique structure allows it to become cut down to an incredibly thin substance whilst keeping considerable strength and studies
have shown that it is just about the strongest leathers available, obtaining 10 times the tensile durability of cow hide.

The material's unique attributes allow the material to stretch and mould towards player's foot, offering the glove like fit, whilst also offering a fantastic contact with the tennis ball. Adidas is the top commercial consumer of
Kangaroo leather and use it in a great deal of their boots.
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